Welcome to the IAQ Podcast!


The IAQ podcast is published weekly on or about each Friday evening at 7:00 PM.  It is an informative and interactive forum for the dessimination of information related to the Indoor Air Quality industry.

Each week the IAQ Podcast brings listeners information regaring a specific topic of interest.  This is accomplished by responding to listener E-mails, reporting on industry news, referencing published material, and performing audio interviews with people in industries related to the topic of the podcast.

In our “This week in the lab” feature, we publish a unique lab project related to IAQ issues.  Projects involve biological growth, operation of equipment used in IAQ investigations, technical demonstrations, and a host of other issues.

Your host is Jeffrey Deuitch, a microbiologist, mycologist and IAQ investigator.  Jeff has a BS degree in clinical microbiology from the University of South Florida wiht graduate level education in microbiology, mycology, epidemioloy and public health.  He is a a fequent contributor to magazines and has written for The Communicator, Working RE magazine, and Indoor Environment Connections.  Jeff has perfromed original research in both IAQ projects and several projects involving laboratory and small scale production of economically important fungi.  Jeff’s IAQ company, Int’l Microbiology & Mold Group can be referenced at www.moldgroup.com   


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